First move R-5h! (初手5八飛)
Many people play 5八飛車 as the first move. You may ask yourself, "Is this a bad move?"

No, this actually isn't such a bad move.  This just shows your tactical intentions from the start (in this case, you will be playing Naka-bisya (中飛車) from the beginning, so seasoned players can deal with it more decisively from very early on.  But again, this may not be a big deal as long as you know how to play Naka-Bisya well.

One thing to remember is that you will need to open your bishop's path early in the game, somehow, somewhere.
The demo link   will give you some pointers to this particular strategy. There is also P5f as the first move. Intention of this move is also Naka-Bisya although there are subtle difference in a way the game is played.  Please see this link for more study.

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