Here we are going to summerize the first moves.
Let's summarize all those first moves. As you can guess, combination of even few first moves will become very large.
Only first few moves are shown on this board, but there is a lot of ramifications alrealdy. Select each move from the dropdown box on the board to explorer different first moves and consequent moves. The board only shows three first moves we discussed in this site. Still, there are many variations to contend with.
--- title: Moves Discussed on this page --- flowchart LR A[Start] -->B(2六歩)-->C(8四歩)-->D(2五歩)-->E(8五歩)-->a(Double Wing) C-->F(7六歩)-->G(8五歩)-->b(Bishop Exchange?) B-->H(3四歩)-->I(2五歩)-->J(3三角)-->K(Avoid side pawn picker) H-->L(7六歩)-->M(8四歩)-->d(Side Pawn Picker?) L-->N(4四歩)-->e(Ranging Rook?) L-->O(5四歩)-->f(Center Rook?) L-->P(3二金)-->g(Bishop exchange) A-->Q(7六歩)-->R(8四歩)-->S(6八銀)-->T(3四歩)-->h(Yagura likely) R-->U(7八飛)-->V(3四歩)-->i(Ranging Rook) R-->W(5六歩)-->X(8五歩)-->j(?) Q-->Y(3四歩)-->Z(6六歩)-->A1(8四歩)-->Undetermined Z-->6二銀-->l(Right 4th Rook?) Z-->3二飛-->m(White's Ranging Rook) Z-->3三角-->n(Double Ranging Rook) Y-->7五歩-->A2(8四歩)-->o(Rapid Ishida) Y-->1六歩-->A3(8四歩)-->p(Wait for a response) Y-->8六歩-->A4(8四歩)-->q(Bishop's Head Pawn Push) Y-->6八玉-->8四歩-->r(Requesting Sitting Rook) A-->5六歩-->3四歩-->5二飛車-->5四歩-->s(Center Swing Rook)

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