Navigating Shogi Board on this site
This site uses the custom Shogiboard App. This is a short guide to help you use this board

In its simplest form, the board shows the static graphics image of shogi board with pieces.

the "⇅" at top left corner of the board is a button for flipping the board, as you might want to study the board from Opponent's perspective.

The download button "⇲" will be visible at the top right corner only if the data is available in KIFU format. It will download the file to your computer with predetermined name of "download.kif"

If the board has some movement information, then a bar of buttons will be displayed below the board.

There are four buttons and from right to left, they are "return to starting position( ))", "step backward( )", "advance one move( )" and "go to end of moves( )"

Just to step forward, you can also click anywhere on the board instead of clicking the forward button. Likewise, use right click to step back one move.

As you follow the movement, Kifu notation from underlining kifu record will be shown at bottom-right of the board.

When There are alternate moves in the board data two more buttons( ) and ) will be added to the button-bar. You can fast-forward or rewind to the nearest branch point.

Branch selector (drop down list of next move) will be also shown right next to the button-bar, asking viewer to select next move.

There are two modes of dropdown. It usually shows main branch as a default and you can simply select this main move by either clicking on the board or clicking forward button.

In "Quiz mode", the Selector window shows "Next Move". In this case, you have to open the drop down list and select your next move.

If Kifu is commented, the comment will be displaye either on the side of the board or a comment window will be added to the board, depending on page arrangement.

Again, you can use Skip-to-Branch " " button to advance to the next branch point.

On-hand pieces will be shown along the top and bottome edge of the board.

This is a JavaScript and CSS based native html application. Source code is available in this GitHub repository under MIT license.

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