How to Utilize Shogi resources on Internet

The Internet. The most resourceful thing in the world. You'll find everything there, free!

  • View Shogi lessons on Youtube
    How to play Shogi and other shogi video libraries by HIDETCHI
    Now you can take shogi class on Youtube. The author HIDETCH has created an impressive archive of youtube video clips for Shogi fans. Enjoy!
  • Discuss shogi
    The 81 Dojo Forum
    There is a forum page in 81 dojo server (see below) for exchanging news and information among shogi fans. about shogi, join the forum and ask.
  • Make your computer Japanese character capable (Asian Character support)
    Windows Vista and 7 are already capable.
    Video insturctions for Windows XP is here (click "Videos and old articles" tab)
  • Get a little help on understanding meaning of that Japanese text
    FireFox and Rikaichan
    Rikaichan is the firefox extention which will popup the language of choice translation for particular word where mouse is.
    This site translate the WEB page of different laungauge for you
  • Digital Shogi board that you can use to record, replay and evaluate your games.
    BCM Games
    Link here is for ChessVariantdotCom. Refer to the explanation in that site.  The app here plays all kinds of Chess variant, including Shogi. There are many options you can set to configure the look and feel of the program. it also comes with shogi engine called Spear so that you can evaluate your game.
  • Practice your shogi skills using on-line shogi program. The app uses Adobe Flash player so you need to enable it. This one and also Kifu for Flash below were created when 98% of browsers used Flash players and are never updated since then. 
    Ham-Shogi (ハム将棋
  • How to replay Shogi game recorded in Kifu format on the Web
    Kifu for Java
    Kifu for Flash
    BCM Shogi referenced above will read Kifu format, (including Handycap games)
  • How to read Kifu notations, which is a standard way of recording Shogi games.
    Introduction to Kifu Notation
  • Research Shogi database for the book opening that you are interested.
    This is very easy to navigate English frontend to shogi database (Original site is in Japanese) . If you are interested in a particular system and wants to know all the associated moves, visit this site and explore!
  • Buy Shogi stuff online
    Nekomado Shop
    This on-line store ships from Japan.  They carry Shogi-equipment to books in various languages.Their Shogi books selections are pretty decent.
  • And finally, play shogi online
    If you would like to play at any of those places, I would recommend that you spend some time with Ham-shogi to practice your shogi skill
    This is the most user friendly shogi site for non-japanese players among the listing here. As with other sites, you need to register with your e-mail address and select your login name. All kinds of static data is available on players playing on 81dojo. (This is the only site you can check on your opponent's playing style and tendency before you actually start playing) There is a short tutorial on how to use the site. It also hosts 3x4 shogi board (aka animal/Dobutsu) shogi. Be aware this site's applet does allow illegal moves (double pawns etc.,) and immediately declare that you have lost. (Other sites simply will not allow illegal moves). This site is also sunctioned by JSF. You can actually request/purchase Dan certificate based on your rating
    This site was used to be called "Kurnick". The site offers a variety of online board games and Shogi is one of them. The interface is somewhat limited but functional. Some nice interface on Tablet PC. Game environment is somewhat hostile. There is one nifty feature this site has. when the user switch the focus out of the board applet, the user name is grayed out. When one's user name "blinks" at every turn, it almost appears to be that he is switching out of the application to work with other program (maybe shogi software program for cheating?)
    Shogi dojo 24
    This is one of the oldest on board shogi site that was started by just one man. A few years ago, Japan Shogi Federation assumed the management of this site. The user base is huge and if you go in, you will not have any problem finding someone at your level to play the game 24/7. English introductory pages and English lexicon used in the application needs some polishing but you should be able to figure them out. User interface looks aged when you compare it to 81dojo though.  Note that the rating on this site is very much biased (to lower end).  Dont be surprised the R1,600 players (on PlayOK)  or R1,200 players (on 81dojo) could be playing in  less than R1,000 range on this site. 
    Shogi Quest
    This is a smart phone application (Android and iOS) You download the application and you can play Shogi on your smart phone. It gives you 10 minutes, 5 minutes and 2 minutes play. Interface is pretty slick. If you dont mind sudden death (you run out of time and you lose) and dont miss chatting with other playser, this is really handy. Interface is all in English.

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