Aja-ban, your personal online shogi board

Aja-ban is a online rental shogi board that you can use to communicate your shogi thinking over the net.

This is Aja-ban.
  • You can use this board as if it is your real shogi board.
  • This is a simple playing board. There is no computer intelligence. You have to move pieces on both sides. Great for studying Shogi.
  • The board is "on rent' from the creator (Kazuhide-san).  Please refer to the information below for renting your own board.
  • Try moving around the pieces in the window below.
  • If you click 'home' button on the right side of the board, you will be taken to the creator's site.
To start, Enter your HN in the window above.You will then be logged into the chat board.

In order to rent your own board, follow the steps below.
  1. How to rent your own"aja-ban" shogi board
  2. First, read the user agreement. If you can not read Japanese, just recite the word of appreciation in your own language as many times as your conscientious drives you for this great utility.
  3. The simplest way to start your own board is to type in the following URL into your Web browser's address window
  4. http://book.chu.jp/shogi/shogiban.php?id=******
     where  ****** is the User ID that you need to create (chose your own)
    User ID must be more than 6 letters Alpha-numerics only, no symbols are allowed
  5. There are two ways to add this (rental) shogi board to your own web site.
  6. a. Use of iframe tag
    <iframe src="http://book.chu.jp/shogi/shogiban_en.php?id=******" height="489" width="566" frameborder="0" title="" style="border:none;" scrolling="no">iframe専用</iframe>
    <a href="http://shogiban.seesaa.net/" target="_blank">あじゃ盤</a>
    b. By linking
    <a href="http://book.chu.jp/shogi/shogiban.php_en?id=******">Shogi board</a>(powerd by <a href="http://shogiban.seesaa.net/" target="_blank">あじゃ盤</a>)

    b. In case the tag can not be used, try just pasting the URL below.
    Chat engine is supplied by yet another free site. (sometimes the server is down, so you may not be able to chat although you can move around shogi pieces)

    Aja-ban with the same ID share the same board. What does this mean? Suppose you are in Brazil and your friend is in Spain. You can log into the same board and board pieces will move on your friend's screen as you make moves, and vice versa.   For this, it is recommended that the ID should be sufficiently unique and long, since you don't want some stranger happen to use the same ID and destroy your beautiful opening!

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