Sac'ng Bishop

From this diagram, Sente can back up the Bishop and it still is a respectable game. But if Sente is attack from here, how will it fair?

If Gote's knight takes Bishop, Sente will take Gote's gold to expose Gote's Silver to Rook


Rook Promotion + Gold + Silver + Pawn - Silver - Pawn - Bishop = +2 +6 +5 +1 -5 -1 -8 = 0! so point-wise, this is an even trade.

Piece wise, Bishop was exchanged with Gold so that part is unfavorable. However, Rook is now promoted to Dragon and it is expected to wreck havoc on Gote's camp. From here, K-4e and R-2b/2a is a likely scenario. Either way, Sente will be able to continue playing comfortably.

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