Value of pieces
This is the value of pieces, only in its general senses. Actual value of pieces changes between stage of the games. It also changes based on how effective each pieces are in the actual game (ie., Bishop is more effective at 5e position rather than in 1a positioin) This chart can be used at the beginning to evaluate if those exchange you are about to make do make sense or not, and also at the middle of the game to see if you are winning or losing.


10 points


12 points


8 points


 Dragon horse

 10 points

Gold general

 6 points    

Silver general  

 5 points

Promoted Silver (as Gold)

 6 points



 4 points

Promoted Knight (as Gold)

 6 points


 3 points


Promoted Lance (as Gold)

 6 points



 1 point

Promoted Pawn (as gold)

7 point

Point of the promoted Pawn is worth noting. When promoted, it's power is equivalent of the gold general. However, once captured it a mere pawn, a value of one point. Therefore, it is powerful yet expendable. This will earn a special point when calculating the game status.

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