Ham Shogi, perfect companion for Shogi novice
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Ham Shogi is an online flash game that you can play Shogi against (ahem) a hamster. This is a great tool to learn each piece's movement.

This image shows how it looks like when you click the link to Ham Shogi
What you want to do is to start by pressing one of the buttons on the board. Hirate is an even game (no handicap) You can choose from the extreme handicap like King only @computer side to 10 piece drop on human side. Once you start the game, you can check the move indicator check box on the lower left corner to turn on the legal move indicator. See below.

Blue square means that area is protected by one of your pieces. Red area means the area is protected by one of your oppornents pieces. If you pick up one of your pieces, allowable moves are also highlighted.

By the way, If you look at the top of the page there is a game record of Ham-shogi against humans. As you can tell from this figure, if you can beat the hamster, you can boast that you are as good as average human players!

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