Navigating Kifu Board
Instruction on how to navigate the Kif for Flash applet

Kif for flash is a flash applet that graphically show shogi-board and piece moves. The applet was written by Yoshikazu Kakinoki of Kakinoki-shogi fame and distributed as a freeware. I use this applet extensively in this site. Please familiarize yourself with its navigation and displays

Shown across the top of the board are various navigation buttons. Those functions are explained below. Buttons that will not be relevant to the status of the board will be grayed out

1) Initializes the piece to its first positions
2) Auto back step the move
3) Back step one move
4) Stop the Auto forward/backward moves
5) Step forward one move
6) Auto forward the moves
7) Jump to the end positions of the moves.
8) Step backwards to the last branch position
9) Step forward to the next branch position
0) This will "Flip" the board. ie, black and white will switch the side.

Kifu window on the left of the board shows the moves (Kifu record). Below the Kifu windows is a branch indicator. This usually shows "No Branch". If it shows a move, that means you can use this drop down list to review and select next moves. In the example above, the board is at move 45 and Move 46 has a branch. You can chose from p-8e, p-6e or possibly more moves (Kifu windows above may not show all the possible move)

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