Shogi in Youtube universe
NewThere are some Youtube channels that specializes in Shogi

Hidetch Tutorial

This channel started all for how Youtube can be used to teach Shogi to the public.  I think the video series were put together around 2008~2009  but contents are still very much relevant. If you want to expand your skills in Shogi, Make sure you check out this channel.



Pro Shogi Player Channels

This seems a trend that Pro Shogi players are opening their channels on Youtube to promote Shogi. Obviously spoken words are in Japanese except for Shogi Harbour, some contents, especially, tutorials and livecast of their instructional play(Look for serialized title such as "#2 Live 実況”) on Shogi Wars can be quite entertaining for even non-Japanese speaking audience.

Professional Shogi (Japanese Chess) Player】Mura Channel

Mr. Muranaka is a professional 7 dan player and some of his videos come with English sub-title.  (Turn the CC on)


Shogi Harbour

This is a channel by Karolina Styczyńska, the first non Japanese professional Shogi player from Poland. I believe she played in  PlayOK site with a handle name  'Oneye' before she became pro.    in August 2020, she started to create a series of beginner tutorial videos in English. This will be a great resources for learning Shogi.


Tetsuya Fujimori (将棋放浪記【プロ棋士】)

Mr. Fujimori's channel is filled with actual games played in Shogi Wars. He demonstrates  a variety of Shogi openings.  If you are visiting this site mainly due to look at and learn about various openings and how those openings are played to the very end, then look up this channel. Games played in sitting rook is here, and games played in ranging rook is here.  There are some so called 'Class B gourmet openings'  here.

Kagawa Manao (女流棋士・香川愛生チャンネル)

Ms. Kagawa -- Notice her last name Kagawa starts with the kanji that represents Shogi's 'Lancer' piece -- is the first pro shogi player youtuber whose subsriber number exceeded 100K.  She not only talks about Shogi, but also Pokemon card games and other topics.  Look for her series of 3 move tsume series.  She also provide some 5 moves and more. Ms. Kagawa goes into detail of not only a solution but also explanation of whys of wrong moves.   

For Instructional shogi matches, She broadcast her games using Shogi wars.   She not only shows games that she win, but also shows games that she lose.  This can be also said of other Pro-shogi players on Youtube but when she is in 'instructional' mode, she let other players take advantage of her not interfereing the oponent's moves to mount their attack moves.  Then while she plays, she shows how the attack can succeed. So dont be fooled with that.  In real game, She (and other, Eriko Yamaguchi mentioned below) really plays mean shogi.

Eriko Yamaguchi (女流棋士 山口恵梨子ちゃんねる)

Ms. Yamaguchi, also a professional player in womens league, specialize in Furi-bisha (ranging rook) tactics.  As such, many of her  tutorial videos are about traditional fourth file rook (四間飛車) Although in Japanese, her video uses a lot of visual cues so you can probably follow along her points and she squary aim her instructions towards beginners.  Her video on Primitive Climgbing Silver,  which kind of mirror what we have here on this site,  is here.   Her first 四間飛車 lecture is here  Look for this link for her tutorial videos and here for Shogi wars instructional games

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