Mock Games from variety of Shogi openings
Fourth Range Rook vs. Anaguma Castle
Fourth Range Rook vs. Anaguma Castle(鈴木システム対居飛車穴熊)
This formation is sometimes called Suzuki system. Study this game if you are having hard time dealing with Sitting Rook with Anaguma castle.
Yagura Morishita System
Yagura Morishita System (相矢倉・森下システム).
This is one of popular Yagura openings.
Climbing Silver against Fourth Range Rook
Climbing Silver against Fourth Range Rook (棒銀対四間飛車)
Black will use the ever popular climbing silver opening against Fourth file ranging Rook
Gokigen Nakabisya
Gokigen Nakabisya (ゴキゲン中飛車)
I am not sure exactly what this is called.. Gokigen Nakabisya (ゴキゲン 中飛車 = good mood center file rook)、 Wanpaku Nakabisya(ワンパク中飛車=impish center rook ) or Kaku koukan nakabisya (角交換中飛車= Center file rook with Bishop exchanged) Whatever this is called, it is easy to remember, and this strategy has very powerful offence.
vs.Fujii System gold 3b
vs.Fujii System gold 3b(対藤井システム3二金型)
Fujii System(Fourth Range Rook variant) was developed to counter the Sitting Rook's Anaguma strategy. This game looks at white's g-3b move to deal with this potent system.

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