Mock Games from variety of Shogi openings
Playing against side pawn picker P-7e
Playing against side pawn picker P-7e(対横歩取り中座飛車7五歩)
White often play R-8e during pawn side picker opening. in this game, black counters this with k-7g ~ p-7e. Let's see what happens
Sitting Silver, Bishop exchanged
Sitting Silver, Bishop exchanged (角換わり腰掛銀)
This is a sitting silver opening with Bishop exchange initiated by Black. Experience the attacking style specific to this opening
White's rapid attack Yagura
White's rapid attack Yagura(後手番急戦矢倉)
This shows gote (white) R-6b and sitting silver opening against Yagura opening
Twisting Rook, Rapid attack
Twisting Rook rapid Attack (速攻ひねり飛車)
Twisting Rook was once considered Black's ultimate opening. This opening minimize the king's guard and maximize the benefit of "first mover"
Fourth Range Rook vs. Rapid Attack
Rapid attack against Blacks Fourth file Range Rook (四間飛車対後手急戦)
This is how Gote(White) may commence rapid attack against Sente(Black) fourth ranging Rook

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