Mock Games from variety of Shogi openings
Climbing Silver with Bishop exchanged
Climbing Silver with Bishop exchanged(角換わり棒銀)
Simple and straight. After Bishops are exchanged, Sente attempt the attack from the edge.
Rapid Yagura S-4g K-3g
Rapid Yagura S-4G K-3g(急戦矢倉・4七銀ー3七桂型)
Sente keeps the King at 6i position and advances both silvers for powerful attack on this Yagura opening.
vs. FourthFile Rook, sitting rook pawn
vs. FourthFile Rook, sitting rook pawn 対振り飛車飛車先不突作戦
With this strategy against swinging Rook player, Static Rook player will not advance Rook's pawn.
SidePawn Picker Bishop-3c
SidePawn Picker Bishop-3c
This is the origin of current side picker's main stream where Gote will play bishop at 3c when Sente picks up the side pawn. Gote also uses nakazumai (中住まい=lit.translation "living in the middle" King position.
Fourth file Rook P-3e rapid attack(対4間飛車 3五歩急戦)
Playing against fourth file Ranging Rook with P-3e attack
This game show's static Rook's P3-e opening against fourth range rook and also shows how to play through middle to the end game.

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