Openings Study
Acquire some knowledge about Shogi openings. Here are a mix of must-know openings and more interesting ones. (Some are already discussed in the Shogi Strategy pages
Primitive Climbing Silver (原始棒銀) -Simple yet deadly
Simple, yet deadly. This is the first opening you should learn. This opening shows you how a silver can be used along with Rook for attacking your opponent.
Yagura S-3g
Yagura is main stay of Shogi Strategies. This board shows some fundamental Yagura moves.
Climbing Silver against Yagura (矢倉速攻棒銀)
Climbing Silver against Yagura (矢倉速攻棒銀) -be prepared for this quick attack
Naka-Bisya with bishop path open
I am not sure exactly what this is called.. Gokigen Nakabisya (ゴキゲン 中飛車 = good mood center file rook)、 Wanpaku Nakabisya(ワンパク中飛車=impish center rook ) or Kaku koukan nakabisya (角交換中飛車= Center file rook with Bishop exchanged) Whatever this is called, it is easy to remember, and this strategy has very powerful offence.
Aggressive Opposing Rook
Aggressive Opposing Rook (Mukai-bisya with Bishop path open = 角換わり向かい飛車)

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