Tsumi and Hisshi (詰みと必至)
More ofen than not, the game is so close you don't know which one is winning. In this case, more you know about game closing, the better chance for you to win. I will explain about two topics here. One is Tsumi (or checkmate) and another is Hisshi (BrinkMate)
ABC of Tsumi
Tsumi explained in three minutes.
ABC of Hisshi
Hisshi explained in three minutes
Tsume Resources
Resources that you can use to brush up your tsume skill
Tsumi for beginners
Lets work on some short tsume problems!
More Tsume Problems
Here are 50 more (relatively easy) 7 move problems. Enjoy!
Simple Hisshi
Hisshi is a bit more challenging than Tsume problem. This is because you need to think through tsume problem behind the Hisshi solution. Here are some single move and 3 move Hisshi Problems.

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