Guide to on-line Tsume Shogi resources
Resources that you can use to brush up your tsume skill
    1. Ricoh Shogi club site, Mating problem page
      • You may start with this site.  It has 17 very basic problems that are great for beginners.
      • Once you understand these basics, then try Tanigawa (Professional 9 dan) problems, also on the same site.
      • Kikuta's problems are called magaridume. these problem forms Japanese characters. 
      • Thanks Mauro! for introducing me to this page!
    2. Manao Kagawa's Youtube channel 女流棋士に挑戦!今日の3手詰
      • Ms. Kagawa is a woman pro Shogi player whose Youtube Channel has more than 100K subscriber.  She amassed about 100 3 move tsume shogi in her channel.
    3. Mori Nobuo's  daily entry level tsume shogi page
      •  Mr. Mori is a professional Shogi player (7 dan as of this writing) who is mostly recognized by his short tsume shogi problems.
      • In this blog style site, he releases new problems almost daily (and those are supposedly entry level problems.)  The problems are first shown as diagram only.  Usually in a day, he posts solution to the probelm in the form of interactive flash board, so you can click away to find the answer to each of the problems.
      • For those who wants more challenging tsume problems, refer to this site, also run by master Mori.
    4. Tsume shogi Paradise 詰め将棋パラダイス
        • This is a site of the monthly periodical of the same name.

      The Tsume of the month is shown at the top right corner . This is usually about 9,11 or 13 moves tsume. The number of moves is shown in this format "[手数] n手" where n is number of  moves.   The answer to the problem will be posted few days after the next month begins.  You  can check previous months problem and solution by following "X 月の結果" link (X is number of the month)  If you solve this month's problem, you may want to send your answer to the web master (follow →解答送信). Senders of the correct answer will be mentioned in the following month. 

        • If you scroll down the home page, you will see "Try Everyday" link. This is where the Web host posts easier tsume shogi every day.  The latest 5 problems will be always shown.  Each problem is accompanied with a description which looks like this;  
      yyy/mm/dd/Composer'sname/Number of moves
      For instance 2007/10/4/管理人/5
      After one day of posting, the answer to the problem is posted. Simply click on the problem diagram to see the solution.
    5. Shogitown's Tsumeshogi pages
        • This site packs alot of information about shogi. There are many tsume shogi material as well. Look for those links on the top page.
          • やさしい3手詰 (Easy 3 move tsume)
          • やさしい5手詰 (Easy 5 move tsume
          • 今週の「やさしい詰み」 (This week's easy tsume)
          • 今週の「実戦の詰み」 (This week's Tsumi of the game)
      The first two  pages are traditional tsume, which shows only those pieces that are needed for the problem. The latter two shows tsume situations in real game surroundings. The last page (This week's tsume of the game) is usually more than 13 moves long and for dan players. In any of those pages, solution can be seen by following "解答を見る " Link. All the pages are being updated weekly.
    6. Takodori-san's Tsume shogi resource page

Takodori-san has already compiled a list of good tsume-shogi site in his blog style page. Please see his December 06' entry titled "Tsume problems to improve your endgame skill". (This also includes reference to Shogitown pages)

    1. Fat Bold Cyclop's compilation of Tsume problem

You can download a pdf document that contains 300 tsume problems that he has collected. Comes with explanation of Tsume shogi rules.

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